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His strength.
His honesty in all things.
That he often seems to know more about pop culture than I do, which is somewhat sad on my part, I suppose.
His smile.
That he respects me...hearing him say it meant so much to me.
That he doesn't go easy on me.
That he's let me into part of his life that he doesn't allow very many people.

Make Your List-Things that inspire

-John's determination and focus
-Dr. Weir's belief in me
-Teyla's serenity
-Ronon's strength and bravery
-Rodney's intelligence
-Dr. Beckett's example
-My father's love

Things you've never grown out of

Sitting on the front porch, listening to my dad tell stories
A fondness for chocolate milk
Being held by my mom. She isn't around anymore, but still...
Biting my nails
My peanut allergy

2.2: 13 People you respect.

1) My dad
2) My mom, RIP
3) John Sheppard
4) Elizabeth Weir
5) Teyla Emmagen
6) Ronon Dex
7) Carson Beckett, RIP
8) Evan Lorne
9) Samantha Carter
10) Ginny West, my best friend in high school
11) Adam Trevon, a boy I met during my residency. He was a cancer patient and the bravest, strongest person I've ever met
12) Radeck Zelenka
13) Rodney McKay (please don't tell him. His head doesn't need to get any bigger)

the_lucky13 Introduction

1) I suffer from Objective vertigo.
2) I graduated high school when I was 15.
3) I was born in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.
4) I don't like guns.
5) I sleep on my side. I can't sleep any other way, or I feel as though I can't breathe.
6) I'm allergic to cats.
7) I'm an only child.
8) My mother passed away three years ago.
9) I'm not fond of horror movies. Most of them are grossly unrealistic anyway.
10) My favorite flavor ice cream is butter pecan.
11) I love iced tea.
12) My dad used to take me to baseball games, every Saturday.
13) I believed in aliens long before I actually met one.

Dr. Jennifer Keller
Stargate Atlantis